Press Gazette or Jon Slattery? Why not quickly read both with RSS?

 by Martin Belam, 31 January 2009

Yesterday, Nigel Barlow picked up on some discussion about B2B publications being usurped by 'the lone blogger'. A different Nigel, Nigel Thackery, had asked the question:

"Try this for an experiment. Read the Press Gazette web site and then read Jon Slattery (a former PG long term staffer). Which is better?."

For his part, Nigel Barlow says:

"Personally I tend to read Jon Slattery more than I read the Press Gazette site, it used to be one of my first point of calls but no longer is."

But the thing is, these days, it is no longer an either/or kind of question. Why not pop them both into your RSS reader, and then you can happily skim through and read whoever catches your eye from a wide range of sources, instead of just slavishly visiting either Jon's site or where he used to work?

To get you started, here is an OPML version of the 'Journalism' folder from my Google Reader. This is the set of 37 journalism and journalism-related blogs and sites that I skip through every day to compile my link log, keep up with what is going on in the business, and, in the case of spEak You’re bRanes, to remember to smile whilst I'm doing it.

OPML 37 online journalism news and blog RSS feeds

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Hi Martin,

They are both in my RSS reader as a matter of fact.However I tend to skim through PG but will read Jon's blog in a lot more detail.

But I agree,it is not an either or case.It is though a question of time management.

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