Ban this sick Nazi paedo filth!

 by Martin Belam, 28 January 2009
Kate Winslet and David Kross
"MOVIE-MOGULS HORRIFIED cinema goers today with the launch of a film that shows a SICK NAZI PAEDOPHILE having sex with a 15 year old.

In one scene the MONSTER lures their victim into the bath - and both are depicted TOTALLY NAKED.

The TWISTED HUN is revealed to have BURNED TO DEATH 300 Jews during the War, and to have SEXUALLY ABUSED victims in a Concentration Camp.

In GRAPHIC SCENES it is suggested that the couple indulge in INTIMATE SEX ACTS, whilst the EVIL PREDATOR insists their victim read to them from books before satisfying their CRUEL LUST.

A SHAMELESS spokesman for the film said that it was based on a "well respected" novel and examined the consequences of "living in a post-genocidal society".

KATY JOHNSON, 22, of Basingstoke said: 'It's disgusting that we can't do something to stop this filth. What would Winston Churchill and the brave boys who fought in The War think? I can't believe Britain has come to this. It is political correctness gone mad.'"

I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse me for a moment. I was just channeling how I imagine The Sun might have reported on Osacar-nominated 'The Reader' if the gender of the two lead characters had been reversed.

Instead they went with...

The Sun reports on Kate Winslet
"THEY STILL LOOK GREAT KATE...KATE WINSLET shows her body is still Tight-anic as she strips off in The Reader"


I am not aware of the Sun's agenda as I live in the States, but what you expressed seems in line with our FOX News lol. With that said your titles seem in line with the same way society thinks. Older women seducing little boys is nowhere as bad as grown men on little girls. The Reader was an awesome movie btw

o ffs, stick a sock in your mouth, its just a frickin movie, so what, some woman breaks ina young buck. i wish id a woman do that when i was 15, the lucky little bstrd.

my advice to u, dont watch the movie if u dont like it, go play bingo or somthing.

Nice :) Got lured in by the title obviously.. But besides your post making me laugh, I also found it a very true point.

Great film still though.

I appreciate that the lovers’ physical intimacy is there to highlight their lack of personal intimacy, but the film doesn’t have to be so distractingly explicit. I’m sure the makers’ thinking was that, while this may be gratuitous nudity, it’s nudity with gravitas. For this is a serious film about Nazism, guilt and redemption. Here are mammaries for the high-minded, bottoms for highbrows. So, those in the back of the cinema, stop looking at Winslet’s nipples! For God’s sake, those are Nazi nipples — as the young Michael eventually discovers to his horror.

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