Live plugin streaming at The Waag

 by Martin Belam, 4 October 2008

After the EuroIA Summit I took the opportunity to stay in Amsterdam for a few extra days and do some sight-seeing. One of the older buildings in Amsterdam is The Waag, which formed part of the old city walls and defences.

The Waag in Amsterdam

The building featured in a ghost walk we did around Amsterdam because of the grisly history it had as a theatre where the public could pay to watch the dissection of the corpses of criminals - and there will be more about the ghost walk on currybetdotnet at a later date. It was something rather more modern and hi-tech that really caught my eye on the entrance to the "Theatrum Anatomicum"

Door to the 'Theatrum Anatomicum'

Set into the door was a panel, with a picture of a laptop and a camera, and some plug sockets.

Streaming Waag panel

It appears to be part of an installation by The Waag Society, and allows you to connect your camera to the building, and stream the content live to the Internet.

Screenshot of the Waag Society website

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