10 years of BBC.co.uk on the BBC Internet Blog

 by Martin Belam, 28 November 2007

I've been guest-blogging this week over at the BBC's new BBC Internet Blog.

Martin Belam article on the BBC Internet Blog

December 15th is the official birthday of the BBC's web services - although, rather like the Queen's official birthday, it seems a slightly arbitrary date. There is, of course, plenty of evidence of prior art.

So far three of my articles have been published on the blog - sticking to topics that regular visitors here will be familiar with. The first was an overview of ten years of Doctor Who on the web, and the next posts were a two part look at the development of the BBC's search engine - something which, in the olden days of 2003, this blog used to be amost entirely devoted to.

BBCi homepage, showing the top three recent search trends

There should be more to come either later this week or next.


I owe a pint to whichever public-spirited individual remembered to put that owl on the page headers.

John. Thanks. That was my v.fine colleague Alan Connor.

He'll be in touch to claim his pint. Do i get one tool because I *let* him keep the owl up there in the right hand corner ;)

Watch out for more obscure "homages" to our distant glorious geeky BBC past in the all new BBC homepage...coming soon i hear.

Timothy Taylor's Landlord, please.

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