Who benefits financially from the Madeleine McCann publicity juggernaut?

 by Martin Belam, 1 June 2007

I noticed towards the end of this week that, alongside the rumours of journalist frolics in Portugal whilst following the Madeleine McCann case, a couple of columnists have broken rank with the default position of their newspaper.

Today on The Time's site Stefanie Marsh has been called "a very lonely, sad, selfish person" for her piece "I confess: I have not been agonising about Madeleine". There has been disquiet expressed in the Telegraph, and yesterday it was Amanda Platell writing in the Daily Mail with "For Madeleine's sake, beware the juggernaut of publicity"

She fared better than Marsh. Platell's article has attracted over 50 comments from the Mail's online readership, the majority of which seem to be supportive of her arguments.

Of course, it isn't just the McCann's driving the media - commercial interest is at stake here as well.

As illustrated by the awkward juxtaposition today in the Daily Mail's search results, listing Platell's sensible article alongside a promotion for the paper's Madeleine photo gallery.




Apart from those "interesting" events, British Media's work on Madeleine's abduction has been, in my humble opinion, characteristic of people who has a strong prejudice (almost racial, at least cultural)against Portuguese Police (and Portuguese people, of course...). Portuguese Police officers are "clowns", wrote Jan Moir, Telegraph.com
"most news published by Portuguese Press, about Madeleine's case are "culhoes" - one of the most obscene words, in Portuguese, meaning "testicles" (Martin Brunt, Sky News - http://skynews4.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/05/source_of_sourc.html) are two of many examples. I've been reporting and blogging, from Praia da Luz, between May 14 and May 23. I've seen what that pack of howling blood-thirsty British tabloid journalists, willing to kill – or let someone be killed – to have a story (again, in my humble opinion...), has been doing, in their spare time, at Praia da Luz...


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why wud some one a wee girl tht just said! please who ever took madeleine let her go bak to her lovely famliy hope ya find her love sarah n stacey and some of our mates xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx we wish u wud just let her go

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