Extra URLs for the Guardian Gamesblog in Bloglines

 by Martin Belam, 14 June 2007

Whilst I was doing my recent survey of the Web 2.0 features on British newspapers, I spotted one or two quirks which I wanted to highlight. This one is actually more of a quirk in user behaviour and Bloglines than in the publishing paper.

Bloglines shows all the different feed URLs it has stored for a particular page's RSS feeds. Usually it is just the variations between Atom or RSS 2.0 available from the publisher.

Occasionally you'll see some errant URLs, usually where someone has mistyped an extra # symbol or other punctuation mark at the end when they were inputting the feed address. The feed will work, it just isn't the same URL as other subscribers use, so is listed independently.

And then sometimes you get this:



Only paranoid gamers would be using a proxy to route their subscription on Bloglines to a Guardian RSS feed ;-)

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