Today's burning question: "What will the weather be like on the UK's Bank Holiday?"

 by Martin Belam, 7 May 2007

I've set off today for a 10-day road trip around Crete, to explore the eastern half of the island which I have been calling home for a year, but haven't really explored yet.

Thanks to the joy of scheduled publishing and the ./tools/run-periodic-tasks cron job, you shouldn't see any interuption to my blogging on currybetdotnet - although it does mean that the spelling mistakes I only ever seem to pick up after publication will be sitting there live for a bit longer than usual.

It also means that although I'll be leaving the comments open, I won't be moderating them until I get back. Which will presumably be to an inbox full of thousands of people telling me what a great site I have whilst linking out to pr0n and pharms.

So, without access to the internet there is one burning question today that I won't be able to answer - what will the Bank Holiday weather be like in the UK?

I only ask, because last Friday in Chania I picked up a copy of the previous day's Telegraph, and read this story.


Which I thought was odd, because I was fairly certain that at the news stand I had seen yet another Daily Express weather front page - promising the exact opposite.


Now, they can't both be right, surely - so will someone let me know in the comments how the day panned out?


Personally, here in Crete I'm expecting 26°, and just praying the air-con works in our hired car.


Its 9.15 am. I'm currently in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Having just dropped my better half at work, I feel I am now qualified to answer you questions...

Its cold, wet and the roads are spookily quiet right now.

Sure its still early... but a scorcher... thats going to be quite a stark change from how it is now.

It's pissing it down.

On the way to the Surrey countryside, no gridlock. But then torrential and sudden downpours "forcing" shelter and local ales.

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