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 by Martin Belam, 23 March 2007
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure that the BBC does not compromise its integrity and reputation by taking advertisements on its news website

Alex Kirby has set-up a petition on Number 10's site to ask that the BBC be restricted from placing adverts on their international news pages.

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This petition wants to make sure that the BBC, one of the United Kingdom's most valuable and cherished gifts to the rest of the world, does not agree to accept advertisements on its news website. It is born of a conviction that the BBC's editorial independence must at all costs be safeguarded and would be fatally compromised by the acceptance of any advertisements.

I've set out before my reasoning behind thinking it is a bad idea to put adverts on the BBC's international news sites. A large number of the BBC's journalists don't want it, and BIPA, the body that lobbies hard against the BBC spending Licence Fee money on the web, is even less keen on it earning a share of their potential advertising revenue.


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Couldn't agree more. Have signed the petition.

Nice tour of haunted Walthamstow, by the way.

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