Guess Brit babes bra size, and you can help catch rapists in The Sun

 by Martin Belam, 14 February 2007

I've mentioned before the sometimes unfortunate editorial juxtapositions online caused by The Sun's twin obsessions of looking at ladies boobies and catching 'sick pervs', but sometimes it is just beyond parody.

Today's Valentine's Day Sun homepage puts next to each other a promotion about guessing the bra size of topless Brit girls, and one for "Sun Justice" in helping to catch rapists. It isn't entirely clear whether guessing the bra sizes also helps catch the rapist, but there you go.


Of course, I daresay in tabloid land I'm some kind of dreary left-wing prude. After all, according to The Sun, following the revelation that British women have the largest average bra-size in Europe (which I'm sure is unrelated to Britain having the most obese population in Europe), their guessing the bra size competition is just:

"the Sun's fun way of hailing Britain's bra-busting bosoms."

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