Beckham goes to L.A. from Real Madrid - Someone at the BBC should head back to skool

 by Martin Belam, 11 January 2007

This made me laugh today. In their rush to break the news that David Beckham has confirmed he will be leaving Madrid for L.A., someone at the Beeb didn't get their proof-reading right. Somebody clearly needs to 'wrok' on their spelling, rather than their football set pieces :-;



Having written a content management system in my time (no, read on, it might get more interesting) I'm surpised that the link title seems to have been entered individually on this page, rather than being consistent across the site? Or is it spelt wrong on every page?

Having *managed* the development of several content management systems in my time (no, please, again, read on, it might get more interesting) there is often the requirement to be able to edit specific bits of content for when they are being re-purposed for a different format, or for use in a specific situation.

I never worked on the BBC's News/Sport CMS, but I think many areas allow people to "over-type", so that you can reduce a headline to the right number of characters for phones/homepages/CEEFAX, and I guess, though I can't remember, that you can do the same within the system to Multimedia links.

I think in this case the journalist will have added a link module at the end of the brief story, and then over-typed the default link text to remove something that didn't sit right in that story - maybe a repeated mention of Beckham, or perhaps the clip is of his replacement at Manchester United, and a link saying "Watch C. Ronaldo take better free kicks than Beckham did" wouldn't have looked appropriate?

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