The compassionate heart of Middle England

 by Martin Belam, 30 November 2006

In the news in the UK has been the story that the son of finance minister (as that is how he is described in Greece and no doubt Austria as well if I ever saw TV here) Gordon Brown's son has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Over on the Daily Mail's site it has sparked much comment on their pre-moderated boards:

Let's hope Brown leaves the Government and spends time with his family.
- Andrew, Yorkshire
As much as I have every sympathy for Mr Brown's Child and hope that one day we will find a cure for this disease. I can't help but wonder why he is receiving treatment in Scotland, could it possibly be that if medical science does find a cure that the citizens of England will be denied access to treatment while those in Scotland benefit as with some of the Drugs already denied to us South of the Border?
- J E Cox, Auckland. N.Z.
Whilst this is very sad news indeed for the Browns - it in no way qualifies this man to be 'crowned' as the next PM.
- Oldbird, Northants
I wonder if CF will suddenly gain a lot more funding and research grants?
- Dino Fancellu, epsom
Bet there is a sudden interest in research into a cure for cystic fibrosis.
- Kathryn Chappell, Mansfield England
My sympathies and good wishes to go to young Fraser and his mother,Sarah. The father remains a mindless destructive despicable man
- Trend, Luton UK
I can just see it now.
Increased National Health spending into Cystic fibrosis!
- Fred, UK

Ah, the sound of the compassionate heart of Middle England in full flow

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