Is the BBC's World Cup blog the new Slashdot for football sites?

 by Martin Belam, 2 June 2006

One of the disadvantages/advantages of living in Greece is that I don't get to watch England friendlies anymore (delete according to whether we are turning over Hungary or being humiliated by Australia) which means I didn't get to see Peter Crouch's inexplicable robot dancing this week.

I did though get to witness the aftershocks on the internet. The BBC Sport World Cup Blog linked through to a site that had some video of Peter Crouch dancing, and promoted it on the front page.

Peter Crouch dancing link

That immediately crushed AnfieldRed in a Slashdot traffic surge style.

AnfieldRed is experiencing issues due to the popularity of an article featured on the BBC website, we will resume full service shortly
In the meantime those looking for the Crouch robot video can see it above
AnfieldRed emergency holding page

Fairplay to the Liverpool fan site, they were using You Tube which kept the video up-and-running, and kept the site up. Of course, if they'd opted to use to host the video instead, they might have made some money from it as well ;-)

The actual video of him dancing during the game can be found here -


I help out with the backend and admin side of AnfieldRed - I've been on the receiving end of big traffic before on other sites (more Digg than Slashdot) so when I saw it hit the BBC front page I knew we'd have issues ;)

The site had over 1000 sessions on at one point, even with caching and throttling our host pulled the plug so I had no choice but to throw a HTML page up.

The traffic has only just died down but as a relatively new and small site we can't go and get a dedicated box ;)

I might write up the traffic at some point but I imagine getting linked off the beeb football homepage on the run up to the worldcup could maybe even surpass a /.ing ;)

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I'm so disappointed - when I saw Janey C's comment I thought I was going to get to a 'Make Football History' site like 'Make Bono History' which would have been much funnier ;-)

Sorry to disapoint you Martin ;-)

Yeah, lets make Mr Bono histoty! hehehe

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