I'm looking for work in the UK

 by Martin Belam, 16 June 2006

Well, there is no point having your own website if you can't turn it into a personal notice board when necessary, and I'm looking for work in the UK for a couple of months from mid-July.

It doesn't mean I've given up on living in Crete - far from it - but I have to visit the UK in August for personal reasons, and then again in September to speak at the AUKML Conference in Edinburgh. It seems to make more sense to me to turn it into one trip with some work involved.

I'm looking for freelance or contract work lasting from one day to three months, and I'm available from mid-July. I'm happy to work anywhere in the UK. I've got five years product management experience working within the BBC's new media department in London, and my specialist knowledge areas include search, bulk subscription email delivery and online voting. I'm an advocate of user-centred application design, and I'm looking for work in product management, online project management and delivery management, or information architecture roles.

You can view my CV at martinbelam.eu, or download it in Word format from there.

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