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 by Martin Belam, 15 May 2006

Now that I have moved outside the UK I have more of an interest than I used to in the successful localisation of products. I came across a strange one I wasn't expecting the other day. I am doing some research on search in the UK, so have been specifically requesting However, because I was in an internet cafe using a Greek installation of Firefox I got this page - in Greek. search homepage in Greek

Firstly I was surprised that there even was a version of the flavoured Google search homepage in Greek. What was interesting though was that they chose to serve me the Greek language version based on I guess, either my IP or my browser's referrer string, or a combination of the two, when I was logged in to my very English (UK) Google account.


Greek people live in the UK, I guess...

>> Greek people live in the UK, I guess...

Oh absolutely - I think it works well when it is targeted right. It would be a result for me if similarly when I typed in I didn't get redirected based on my IP address to in Greek, but instead got a version in English based on my browser settings :-)

Even weirder is that you didn't get a different language based on your Google Account settings.


great well done about time too

i have the same problem too. when i try to enter i get redirected to can anyone help me how to disable this? thx

I think you have to change your local settings on the pc to english uk, otherwise it will take you to whatever version the system local specifies.

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