Building An Effective Web Presence In A Large Organisation - Part Three

 by Martin Belam, 9 February 2006

Following the publication of part three today, my article "Building An Effective Web Presence In A Large Organisation" is now complete. It is based on my presentation at the Ark Group's "Gaining Online Advantage" conference held in London in October 2005.

The first part dealt with how to identify the business needs and audience needs that should be driving the strategy of your web presence, how to understand the internet business model you are trying to achieve, and touches upon global branding across a geographically spread federated organisation.

Part two illustrated how the BBC uses search, navigation and classification to unify the diverse content covered on the BBC website. It then went on to examine the issues around internationalisation and localisation of web properties.

The third and final part concentrates on the relationship between intranet, extranet and internet when formulating a web strategy, looks at the use of Open Source software within the BBC, and finishes by looking at how to approach personalisation on web sites.

You can find part three here - "Building An Effective Web Presence In A Large Organisation - Part Three"

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