The software used to access the BBC homepage: Operating systems - part 2

 by Martin Belam, 22 October 2005

Operating systems visiting the BBC homepage

The complete dominance of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 is no surprise. Just over 70% of requests to the BBC homepage come from machines running Windows XP, and IE6 took 78% of the browser market.

In the operating system sphere the stranglehold of Windows is nearly complete - a computer running a version of Windows accounted for 95% of requests to the BBC homepage. Mac users accounted for 4.4%, with various Linux distributions making up another 0.41%.

Operating System Share of Requests to the BBC Homepage
Windows XP 67%  
Windows 2000 16.5%  
Windows 98 6.6%  
Apple Macintosh (Various versions) 4.4%  
Windows (Various versions including CE, 3.1 and ambiguous UAs) 2.1%  
Windows NT 1.8%  
Windows NT5.2 0.6%  
Linux (various distributions) 0.41%  
Windows 95 0.20%  
Windows Vista 0.15%  
Solaris 0.04%  
OS/2 Warp 0.001%  

Chart illustrating the operating system market share of visites to the BBC homepage

Continue to find out about the usage of the different versions of Windows, Macintosh, Linux and legacy operating system software accessing the BBC homepage.

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