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 by Martin Belam, 16 September 2005

I'm (hopefully) clearing out a load of stuff from my house on ebay over the next few weeks - the first things went on sale last night.

This batch includes some Doctor Who books (natch), my signed Nick Cave "And The Ass Saw the Angel" novel, a wooden promo box set for Talk Talk's amazing "Laughing Stock" album, and my Beginner's Computer Handbook. How can you resist a book promising that secretly on the inside of computers there are robots saying "blip blip blop blip blop blop blop blip blop" to each other?

How computers understand programming via robots

Come to think of it, having endured the day I had yesterday trying to work out how to get some disparate systems integrated, the idea that computers just talk "blip blip blop blip blop blop blop blip blop" at each other doesn't seem so far-fetched :-)

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