Doctor Who On Your Mobile

 by Martin Belam, 23 August 2005

Today BBC Worldwide announced that they had put in place a licence for some programmes to be available on the ROK Player format for phones.

"BBC Worldwide is always looking for new opportunities, both in the UK and abroad, that allow consumers to enjoy their favourite TV content again and again, while delivering additional revenues to the BBC and to the talent behind the classic programming. The ROK Player meets these demands, delivering high quality full-length episodes to mobile phones on a commercial basis," said Marc Humphrey, Business Development Manager, BBC Worldwide.

It is a geeky format, with the content contained on patent-pending (natch) Digital Video Chips, and they have also naturally opted to licence geeky content. The first releases are three episodes from Red Dwarf, and the Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special "The Five Doctors".

It's funny that in the commercial world it always seems to be pr0n that drives the sale of new technology formats and content (for example the video cassette recorder and the internet, and shortly pr0n on a PSP near you). Since the BBC doesn't have a ready supply of filth in the archive, it always seems to turn to Doctor Who to push new home formats - one of the first BBC Video Cassettes was "The Revenge Of The Cybermen", and the first batch of BBC Worldwide DVDs also featured the self-same "The Five Doctors" episode.

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