Bad Wolf Bites BBC Search

Martin Belam  by Martin Belam, 9 June 2005

Following episode 11, 'Boom Town', more Bad Wolf related bits'n'pieces have started littering the web. Mickey's Who Is Doctor Who? site notes that:

Curious. That nuclear power station is called Blaidd Drwg. Which translates as "Evil or Bad Wolf".
Now, something really weird happens if you type bad wolf into a search engine.

The link goes through to the BBC's own web search which has as its first result a link to

Bad Wolf - You Don't Know Everything

Of course, the whole thing breaks down slightly when you remember that Aliens Of London was set in 2006, and Boom Town takes place six months after that, so Mickey is sending us messages on the internet back in time. But hey, if the Doctor can fix Rose's phone so she can call her Mum from the Manchester Suite of Platform One from 5 billion years into the future, who knows what his sonic screwdriver might have done to Mickey's FTP client*?

Bad Wolf - You Don't Know Everything

*Please note that is a technical term, like jiggery-pokery, not one of Captain Jack's innuendos

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