Farewell to Bush

 by Martin Belam, 6 February 2005

Friday was the end of a personal era for me, as it was my last day working in Bush House. When I joined the BBC's New Media department in 2000, I was told that in four-to-five years we would be moving to new offices in White City. It seemed as far off to me then as the proposed move of BBC New Media to Manchester later this decade seems now.

On Monday morning though, reality will dawn, and I will be unpacking my possessions in West London.

My possessions packed up and ready to go   My workstation at Bush House

BBC sign outside Bush House

The front of Bush House


Enjoy the call centre style layout that is the new offices.

(lovingly strokes the walls of Bush House)

How is the unpacking going? Have you settled in yet? Actually, it's only 11am. You probably haven't even got in the office yet.

In the White City canteen (or - ahem - NETWORK CENTRAL - cough) at lunchtime, I kept seeing people I know from Bush House. They looked kind of stunned. Shellshocked.

But, hey, it's nice here. Really, it is. I mean, look at that flyover. Gorgeous, isn't it?

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