Top Of The Pops to move from BBC One....and I get a sense of deja vu

 by Martin Belam, 29 November 2004

The BBC announced today that it was going to put the weekday editions of Top Of The Pops out of their misery with a move to a Sunday night slot on BBC Two from the spring. I'll probably still watch it as I have my TiVo set to a season pass - after all, how do I know which bland pop to dislike unless I've sat through an episode of TOTP with my finger on the fast-forward button?

I couldn't help get a feeling of deja vu about the similar way my favourite old fashioned BBC brand, Doctor Who, was "rested" back in 1989.

In order to try to revive Top Of The Pops the main role was re-cast - for Tim Kash as presenter read Sylvester McCoy replacing Colin Baker.

The theme was remixed and new opening titles commissioned, just as Doctor Who replaced the 'starfield' sequence with the "purple-globe-asteroid-stars-TARDIS-thing" that served the series last couple of years.

The format was tweaked - TOTP introduced the 24/7 feature, event outside-broadcasts and pre-release tunes, whilst Doctor Who adjusted the length of the season and introduced a new style of three-part story.

And then...... was scheduled against Coronation Street.

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