"Boots plans new range of sex toys". Glass houses. Stones. Make up your own Evening Standard Punchline.

 by Martin Belam, 22 October 2004

My eye was caught by an article in tonight's Evening Standard Londoner's Diary:

"Odd that the Today programme trailled so heavily the news that Boots is considering sex toys in some of its shops.

Given that the 155-year old chemist is merely "in talks" with condom manufacturer Durex to market sex aids, both companies must be delighted by the oodles of free publicity they have been given."
"This was a significant story which broke overnight, was covered in other media this morning, and was something we felt listeners would be interested in," says a BBC spokesman.

It was obviously something that also interested the editor of the Evening Standard, as the reason it caught my eye was that it seemed somehow familiar. Turning back merely one page from 12 to 11 I realised why - I had already read the story in the Standard itself, as Ed Harris faithfully reported:

"Boots plans new range of sex toys"


This is one of those stories where I really must find out what happened. Boots never did stock any sex toys in the end did they?

Sex toys have become far more acceptable and much more widely used in the UK.

This could be a good chance to further promote safe sex.

However, issues may arise from merchandising and advertising - need to bear in mind that people under the age of 18 go in to their stores...

Super Drug have been thinking about this for a long time, way before any other supermarket chain. I have had questions(enquiries) from some of the more, let's say Straight laced Shops all thinking about getting in on the action.

Its not untill they realise that this is not such a lucrative business at all but actually a dying trade destroyed by the World Wide Web.

i spend a lot of money on sex toys, i love um allways have

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