Murder by Playstation?

 by Martin Belam, 29 July 2004

I haven't read the story (the print is very small in this picture), but from the strapline I assume it isn't about someone being bludgeoned to death with the blunt instrument of a Playstation console.

Front cover of the Daily Mail carrying the story 'Murder By Playstation'

....but don't even get me started on their new gimmick of recycling links that were going round the internet like wildfire a few months ago as front page promoted "features". Sheeesh.


Parents cheerfully tell reporters how 'video' game drove their son to murder, all the while totally oblivious of the fact that the game they are talking about (apart from being really boring and crap and therefore worth a ban for that reason alone) is an 18 and they allowed him to have it at, what?, 14. Ho hum. Bloody great headline though.

I am surprised I haven't see any articles with the title, "Murdered by Wii Controller"

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