London Elects - thumbs up

 by Martin Belam, 11 May 2004

Wow! e-government is usually pretty damn shonky - but London Elects is impressive. It actually does a good job of explaining how to cope with the fact that as a Londoner I have five different things to vote for on June 10th, and what the different electoral systems are. Plus it gives information in 20 languages - 19 in PDF format, 14 in HTML.

Just a shame I expect we'll still see the lowest turnout in history - and that the media will no doubt still be talking about how the forthcoming European Constitution Referendum is our chance to throw off the undemocratic shackles of the EU, whilst failing to cover our chance to vote on a European basis in any depth.


That's a really good site. I'm actually impressed and that takes some doing!

Nice apart from the gratuitous use of images for text.

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