Lazy Evening Standard Internet journalism (Number #36 in a seemingly never-ending series)

 by Martin Belam, 20 May 2004

There was a great Evening Standard 'Internet' feature splashed over page 3 of the paper today.

Revolution online will change way we buy music
It is the hi-tech music revolution about to take Britain by storm. And it could mean the end of the record shops and change the way we buy music forever. Napster, the company that pioneered illegal music downloading, today launched a service in Britain that will operate inside the law.

That's right, a legal Napster in the UK is revolutionary, as clearly we've never had a legal download internet service in this country. Just ask OD2. And this is the copy filed by the Evening Standard's Technology Correspondent Mark Prigg - maybe he is new and doesn't remember covering the botched launch of a mere 4 months ago. Dressing it up in an old 'naughty' brand doesn't make selling legal music on the net revolutionary.

Naturally, I would link to the original article, but ThisisLondon believe that access to this kind of insightful journalism about the web is worth a £10 a year subscription.

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