What is wrong with the BBC website Wiki page

 by Martin Belam, 25 March 2004

Spurred on by his triumph of branding over service rant about the lack of intelligent URL redirection on the BBC website, Yoz has set up a rant wiki page: What's Wrong With The BBC Website

I like the fact that this is an attempt to flush out into the open what is 'wrong' with the site that isn't on purely business terms - i.e. what is the impact the BBC has in the market - or on purely strategic terms - i.e. why does the BBC have a website anyway.

Instead it is looking at the kind of things that any web-savvy technobod worth their salt could improve with a bit of javascript, a tweak to apache, or the application of some techie common sense - always assuming that the solution is scalable enough to be served reliably on the UK's most popular site ;-)

Go tell us what to improve - http://cheerleader.yoz.com/w/WhatsWrongWithTheBbcWebsite


Cheers for the link, though I should probably specify that (a) the idea to set up a wiki page wasn't mine but came from someone anonymous in the Beeb, and (b) that none of the comments below the intro are mine either. I should probably go and make this a bit more explicit...

If I'd known you were happy with explicit I would have said 'fuck' instead of 'goodness'...

*sigh* some people are always trying to ice-skate uphill...

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