BBC Creative Archive - more details emerge

 by Martin Belam, 4 March 2004

Ashley Highfield, BBC Director of New Media & Technology, to the FT New Media & Broadcasting Conference - The On-Demand World Is Finally Coming

"The Creative Archive will give everyone in the UK the freedom to search for and access clips from the BBC's television and radio archives via

They will be able to download clips free of charge and use them in a way that will enable them, we hope, to explore their own interests more fully.

The clips won't expire, users will be able to keep them forever and will be able to manipulate and add to them.

They will be able to pass clips on to one other and, at a later date, we will encourage some of the resulting user-generated material to be posted back on the BBC's website."

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I don't know if those are 'details'. Perhaps "more aspirations emerge" would be a better title?

(Note to self, must be less cynical tomorrow)

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