Amazing MSN Messenger marketing co-incidence

 by Martin Belam, 26 September 2003

An astonishing thing happened today, I'm sure it is just a co-incidence, but down one-side of the Holborn tube station escalators, every single billboard is an advert for MSN Messenger. And in a week when their chat products have been in the headlines so much ;-)

MSN Messenger adverts at Holborn tube station


Next step: Microsoft will begin charging us for the use of MSN Messenger, believing themselves to be so powerful and almighty that people will actually pay the rediculous amounts of money that they're likely to charge. Anyone here familiar with MSN 8? The future isn't looking to good for online chat.
Yahoo! anyone?

Honesty Microsoft bad they have the domination in the freakin computer industry. I use linux and unix 10 times more dependable...but you got to learn how to use the system. Microsoft can kiss my ass for all I care. MSN messenger sucks regardless. Hotmail is a smut network that's why microsoft supports it.

I gotta agree, microsoft do suck. Never seen anything worse. MSN messenger is unreliable and slow. I try to use it, but i cant because i keeped getting automatically logged out. And when i do, it still shows me as logged until 5/10 minutes after it happened. Then it tells me to log in again.

I am slowly migrating from windows to Linux.
I hate the way the non-technical users of computers have somehow defaulted to windows and microsoft. They all think its the only option. What a sad little world they live in.

In summary, microsoft sucks bad. (or a lot worse than that).

Hail Linux!

Its funny, You all speak as if you all had gone trough hell and back over microsoft. When in fact, you were annoyed like a child is with a toy, and just threw it in the corner, perhaps you might try deleting old drivers? or keeping your system up to date?, one question ever tried to get a brand new webcam and use it with linux? Funny to try huh? Or... lets see... Notice how your cursor is gone and you have to reboot linux entirely?, that doesnt happen with windows, sorry to bust your conspiracy theory to bits, but the problem with windows, is because "smart" morons decide they need every driver right there so they dont actually have to use the disk that came with the device, and windows actually supports that shiny new printer you bought....y might you ask....Cause the technoligy in windows supports devices for years, does linux? Does update out the ass ring a bell?

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