Registering Creative Commons content at "Common Content"

 by Martin Belam, 4 August 2003

Common Content looks to be the start of an excellent DMOZ style project to collect together a directory of content that has been made available on the web with a Creative Commons Licence. I've added my articles into the Text : Reference section. The registration is painless and the adding content process is very simple.

I've got two suggestions though. Once you've been through the 'adding an item' process once, then a quick add option similar to the one page edit screen would be great. And if registering an item also generated the RDF to be included on the page at the same time - it could become a one-stop-shop to generating and registering licences.

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Of course, I registered my first couple of currybetdotnet articles under Creative Commons licenses [sic] before I became a freelancer. Now everything on currybetdotnet is very much © internet consultant Martin Belam, all moral rights asserted etc etc.....

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