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December 27, 2002

UK conservative in its search taste

There is a BBC News report on MSN's overview of the years web searches, and apparently UK users tended to focus on established stars and brands rather than overnight sensations. According to Robin Kellet at MSN Our 2002 trends barometer proves what we've always suspected - the Brits are a pretty conservative bunch. Quoted at: - although if you ask me it is more likely to reflect the fact that a huge proportion of people who use MSN search...
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December 26, 2002

Early Christmas present for Yahoo!

The festivities have interrupted the analysis of Yahoo!'s Christmas Eve acquisition of web search provider Inktomi - see their press release. There is a lively debate going on at about what this means for Yahoo!, for Google, and by extension for MSN and AOL. There is a great deal of sense being spoken by key contributors like Brett Tabke. And also some inevitable nonsense....
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December 24, 2002

Danny Sullivan interview - and Google's Xmas turkey

Searchengineblog has an interesting interview with Danny Sullivan, and two things in particular caught my eye. Firstly, looking to the future, Danny believes that: Where will it go? More paid, certainly... while editorial results will continue to be shown, I think you'll see their prominence be more eroded over time. This can only be a bad thing in my opinion. Secondly, he talks about something I have been thinking about for some time, namely, how to squeeze as much context...
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December 22, 2002

About Martin Belam and currybetdotnet

I’m Martin Belam, and currybetdotnet is my personal blog. I’m Principal Consultant at Emblem, a digital consultancy I founded in 2012 to provide user experience design and training services for organisations and start-ups in the publishing, media, arts, heritage and culture sectors. Prior to that I was UX Lead at the Guardian, working on their award winning website, and other products like their Facebook, iPhone and iPad apps. On this site I mostly write about user experience, information architecture,...
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December 18, 2002

Privacy and usage of cookies

I do not set out to collect personal information from visitors to currybetdotnet. However, the site does use some software and third party services which have some privacy implications, and I wanted to set those out clearly for users. This site does not use advertising cookies. By visiting this site in a browser that does not have cookies disabled, you are assumed to have agreed to the use of anonymous analytics cookies, and cookies that may be set and...
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December 15, 2002

Subscribe to currybetdotnet by email

Thanks to the generous chaps and chappesess at "FeedBurner", who have now been acquired by Google, you can subscribe to currybetdotnet via email. You'll get the articles from the site delivered straight to your email in-box. All you need to do is enter your email address in the form below, and then follow the instructions. Once you are subscribed, when I update the site you'll get an email with all of the latest content. You'll get a maximum of...
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December 10, 2002

currybetdotnet Downloads

The following downloads are available from the currybetdotnet site Martin Belam articles Many of my full-length articles are available in print-friendly Microsoft Word or PDF formats. You can find a complete list of full-length articles in the Articles archive. Martin Belam presentations The following PowerPoint presentations are available to download from this site: Putting a F__k off sized Dalek on the BBC homepage isn't big or clever - OpenTech '05 How search can help you understand your audience - April...
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