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May 16, 2011

Comments and character counts: Changes to "blogs" at the BBC

I’ve written before about how one of the interesting things about social media is the ability to watch reaction unfold to design changes on other people’s services - correspondence that would previously have happened by private letter or email. This time around it is the recent changes to the BBC News blogging platform that have caught my eye. Adam Tinworth has described them as a road crash. One of the most notable changes has been reducing the maximum length of...
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March 25, 2010

On holiday...(continued)

I'm continuing my break from blogging, but here are some events I will be attending and taking part in during the next few weeks. Plus a picture of my baby.

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January 28, 2009

John Redwood's blog response to the Ofcom Public Service Broadcasting review

I rather enjoy John Redwood's blog. As someone who at times, it seems, has held views even his own party thinks are eccentric, he always makes for an entertaining read, and unlike most of our MPs, he seems to have really enthusiastically grasped blogging as a way of getting his view out whilst by-passing the mainstream media machine. I noticed that he was rather unimpressed with Ofcom's vision of the public service broadcasting future: "This week I attended an Ofcom...
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February 26, 2008

Making the most of blog comments: Part 4 - Do people read comments via RSS?

I'm doing a series of posts about the way that people implement comments on blog sites. I started by looking at the methods that can be used to promote comments prominently to users, and then undertook a survey of 100 blogs to get a feel for which ways were popular. I found, thanks in part to the growth of Wordpress as a platform, that distributing RSS feeds of comments was being increasingly used, either on a 'per blog' or...
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June 14, 2007

Extra URLs for the Guardian Gamesblog in Bloglines

Whilst I was doing my recent survey of the Web 2.0 features on British newspapers, I spotted one or two quirks which I wanted to highlight. This one is actually more of a quirk in user behaviour and Bloglines than in the publishing paper. Bloglines shows all the different feed URLs it has stored for a particular page's RSS feeds. Usually it is just the variations between Atom or RSS 2.0 available from the publisher. Occasionally you'll see some errant...
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June 7, 2007

Newspapers 2.0: OPML file for British newspaper RSS feeds

Over the last couple of weeks I've been looking at some of the subscriber numbers in Bloglines to the RSS feeds published by British newspapers. Some of the feeds have been easier to find than others - as the quality of signposting on the various sites differs. I ended up subscribed to a whopping 2,316 feeds - of which, admittedly, 1,968 were individual author feeds belonging to The Guardian's Comment Is Free. In the course of subscribing to the feeds,...
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June 1, 2007

Bloglines subscriptions numbers and OPML file for The Guardian's Comment Is Free site

I've mentioned a couple of times in the last few weeks the debate about whether The Guardian is entitled to call their "Comment Is Free" site a 'group blog', or whether it is just a random assortment of opinion columns from the paper held together by a handful of regular contributors. What can't be doubted is that the site presents itself in a very richly featured blog format, which includes the provision of RSS feeds on a per author basis....
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August 25, 2003

Roaming web-based RSS aggregation from Bloglines

I think I may have found my solution to RSS aggregation. I have tried a couple of software solutions, but none have done the trick for me. This is not least because I work across a variety of physical machines and networks. I have a PC at home. I have had, until the other week, a PC at work. And I have a laptop which I use at work connected to the LAN. Or at home connected to the...
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