My Guardian career...the last word

 by Martin Belam, 22 June 2012

This email was sent to the Guardian as feedback on a blog post I wrote in November 2010 about the launch of a new sign-in and registration system that I worked on. It’s not the best review I’ve ever had...

“Why don’t you just admit you have become a bunch of cunts like everyone else? Did Murdoch buy you?? So you changed yr system.. you could at least let current users sign in and change their data.

Fuck off and up yours.

You have no idea how my life is constantly diminished by bollocks like this.

I used to admire this paper, but now?..... All the vitriol and worse things I can think of.. do not even begin to sum up my feelings.

You are not trying to do or improve anything.. just some fuckwit in IT got promoted and decided to change some thing.

And now you are the inside of a donkey’s cunt. Enjoy!”

I did momentarily ponder whether the strap-line for my new venture should be “some fuckwit in IT constantly diminishing your life with bollocks on the internet since 1997”

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I'd go with it, Martin. Although, "I am the inside of a donkey's cunt" would be good, too.

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