Linklog special: UK UPA World Usability Day talk

 by Martin Belam, 11 November 2010

Tonight I'm talking at the UK UPA's event for World Usability Day.

"Nearly two decades of the world wide web has revolutionised the way that traditional media companies communicate with their audience. In this talk, Martin Belam looks at several ways that Guardian News & Media have dealt with this transformation, whether it is instigating conversations with readers, introducing the concept of 'mutualised' journalism, or improving machine-to-machine communication with the use of linked data."

Here is a list of the links and things that I'll be mentioning:

My inspiration for doing so much sketching has come from meeting and seeing the following people give presentations on the topic:

This is a video of Frances talking at one of our London IA events:


Are the slides going onto Slideshare Martin?

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