Details of speakers at the "Search at The Guardian" Enterprise Search meet-up

 by Martin Belam, 6 October 2010

I'm able to release a few more details about our "Search at The Guardian" event on Monday 18th October at Kings Place. We are heavily over-subscribed, and having made 40 places available, there are now 50 people additionally on the waiting list.

I can confirm that the programme for the evening will be:

  • Stephen Dunn (Head of Tech Strategy) - 'A brief history of search at The Guardian'
  • Mat Wall (Lead Technical Architect) & Graham Tackley (Platform Development Team Lead) - 'Building the Guardian Content API'
  • Thibaut Sacreste (Software Developer) - 'Solr spatial search'
  • Daithi O Crualaoich (Software Developer) - 'Putting External References into the Content API'
  • Daniel Levitt (Developer, Recipe Search MicroApp) - 'Developing the Recipe Search Microapp'
  • Philip Wills (Technical architect) - 'Abusing Solr function queries'
  • Martin Belam (Information Architect) - 'Why news search fails...and what you can do about it'

As you can see, the subject matter is very heavily biased towards the technical execution of search technologies using the Solr platform, and I'm really pleased that so many of our tech team have been willing to talk about their work in public.

Given that demand for the event is so high, if you have a place, and you were hoping for something different, or you are on the waiting list, and this programme makes you think you are not so interested in coming, then please can I urge you to change your RSVP to reflect the true demand for places?

I hope to be able to announce some extra capacity next week once I get a clearer picture of the numbers.

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