Proof that the Mail itself uses Twitter to 'spy' on people complaining about it

 by Martin Belam, 7 June 2010

On Sunday I was in the middle of leaving a comment on the Mail On Sunday's utterly bonkers article about BT 'spying' on people on the Internet using 'sinister secret' software, and then I thought, well, somebody will make the point better than I can.

And plenty of people have. Alex Brown of Virgin Media in particular wrote a brilliant post about the issue. I should add I've got my own vested interest in the story - when I wrote my UX of moving house series earlier in the year, BT's customer care via Twitter was about the only decent experience I had.

But I especially liked Peter Kirwan's post in the Press Gazette: "Mail blasts BT for 'eavesdropping' on Facebook users, but fails to mention its own Big Brotherish efforts".

Peter has updated his article, following a conversation with people at Mail Online. And how did that come about?

@petekirwan Could you ping me your phone number, your article is factually incorrect!less than a minute ago via Seesmic

What is this? A brand contacting someone who had written something negative about them via Twitter to try and put things right? Isn't that exactly what the article was complaining about ;-)


Paging Miss Morissette. The Daily Mail is complaining about a factually inaccurate article. Presumably they think they have a case for breach of copyright on such things.

Surely if someone doesn't want to be contacted by a company after posting negative comments about said company on a public forum then they shouldn't really be posting negative comments about said company on a public forum??!

Hardly 'spying', more like 'paying attention'.

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