Page Three plugs 3D

 by Martin Belam, 1 February 2010

No great surprise today that The Sun (Prop: R. Murdoch) managed to turn Sunday's 3-1 Manchester United-Arsenal scoreline into a front page plug for the new Sky TV 3D service (Prop: R. Murdoch).

The Sun's 3-1 in 3D front page

I was more impressed to see that Stacey, 20 from Plymouth, had an opinion on the polarised light that made it happen...

Page Three's Stacey on Sky's 3D


Wow I am surprised that they already have 3-D TV programs! I figured that would be a little while since most TV's can't even display 3-D yet. Good info, thanks.

Yes, interesting comments from Stacey on the 3d tv technology. What a shame that such a technological breakthrough could not be supported by some more authoritative commenting on the subject. As to media promoting other interests they own and portraying them as news, we really should not be surprised at all by these shananigans.

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