How the global climate change editorial project appeared online

 by Martin Belam, 8 December 2009

Yesterday, 56 newspapers joined together to simultaneously publish the same editorial about the threat of climate change facing the planet. The Guardian, instrumental in the project, published a gallery of many of the front pages as they appeared in print.

Thumbnail gallery view of climate change front pages

Here is a slideshow of how some of those papers publicised the editorial on their web homepages, or reproduced it on their sites.


i hope this is good news for people living in this planet.

It is great to know about this project the newspapers have done. People should be made very aware of how the global climate change is affecting everyone of us starting with over 350 animal species that could become extinct in about 50 years from now.

"i hope this is good news for people living in this planet."

Rusty, I should think climate change would be academic for people living in the planet. Have you been listening to the 'Brave New World' section of Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds too much, with the plans for underground cricket sung by David Essex?

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