UX London redux video: Tom Coombs on Donna Spencer

 by Martin Belam, 25 September 2009

Back in the August the London IA mini event was a redux session of the UX London conference. As part of the evening's presentations, Tom Coombs was attempting to distill hours of workshops by Donna Spencer and Jared Spool into a 15 minute session. This video clip includes highlights some of what Tom said about Donna.

Tom Coombs and multi-coloured dots

Tom Coombs on Donna Spencer

Tom's overview of Donna's workshop explained how she used physiological factors like the way the human eye works, to inform lessons about interactive and digital design.


In the next set of clips from the 'London IA Mini 3 night', I'll be publishing excerpts from Tom Coombs' redux of Jared Spool's workshop.

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