Interview with Martin Belam: Part 5 - Changes in the delivery of news

 by Martin Belam, 19 August 2009

I've been publishing a series of video clips that feature me being interviewed by a student of 'Library & Information studies' at UCL. Ben Veasey was carrying out research for his dissertation, and asked me a series of questions about Information Architecture and the news industry. We filmed it in the rather noisy Guardian canteen. Today's clip addresses how the delivery of news has been transformed by Internet technology.

"Has the delivery of news, and the way people access it, changed? If so, how? Has the presentation of news on the web had to change"


Understanding news consumer behaviour online will be the topic of tomorrow's penultimate clip in this series.


Nice Demo martin! There was a time when radio & newspaper was considered as the most powerful tool for the effective delivery of news, With the changes in life style & the arrival of internet,People find it easy to to surf internet & watch TV for news, Newspaper is really losing its charm its like waste of paper these days..

Nice take on the question. What I really wonder is when newspapers will finally change their business model. People are not reading newspapers like the used to. Something has to change before these newspapers start losing serious money.

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