In-line adverts on the Daily Express site

 by Martin Belam, 8 March 2009

On Saturday morning for the first time I spotted in-line advertising on the Daily Express site. I don't know whether this means it is a new thing, or whether I've just been spectacularly slow to notice that they have implemented it.

I only spotted the adverts on two articles, triggered by the words 'lifestyle' and 'fitness'. Both adverts were provided by Vibrant Media and were for a Nicorette product.

In-line adverts on a Daily Express sport story

I could see how the positive contextual association of the product with football and fitness could work, but I was less sure on why you would want to associate the product with the lifestyle of a benefit cheat. Especially one that the editorial content is clearly disapproving of.

In-line adverts on a Daily Express article about benefit cheats

As far as I am aware, this makes them the first UK national paper to put in-line adverts in their editorial text online - but I'm willing to be corrected if you know otherwise...


I run a site that's been using intellitxt ads for a few years. I was highly skeptical, but they really deliver. Very impressive returns with little annoyance to our users.

I was going to run a trial on here once actually, just on the old articles about Page 3 blogs or Konnie Huq that produce plenty of drive-by traffic who aren't going to be satisfied with my rather dull articles on the subject, but I fell out with my supplier before I placed the ads, as they sent some really odd and unsecure emails to me. I might think about it again.

Did it pop up when you clicked, or hovered?

I hate pop ups that get in the way of the text, I give up on the site and find another one. I've put ads on my blogs but I'm worried about putting them on my main website (even though it gets more traffic) because I hate them so much!

I'd never have this sort though, if someone has come to my site I want them to read what I've written, not make it hard for them with these floaty things.

I won't comment on fags being a lifestyle of someone on benefits, cheat or not.

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