'Parachuting Teddy Bear Jumps' in Muswell Hill

 by Martin Belam, 27 December 2008

You might have noticed on the blog that since the move back to the UK, I've been trying to do lots of 'local' things, and really get to grips with having moved to a new area of London. As well as the couple of book launches that I've blogged about - 'Hornsey Past' and 'The Folklore of London' - I've been for a guided walk in Highgate Wood, and even ventured into a carol service in the John Baird pub, complete with very welcome mulled wine, and slightly less welcome bible readings.

Highgate Wood

Carols at the John Baird

The latter was organised by St James's Church, and earlier this month they hosted one local event that I would dearly have loved to attend, but wasn't able to - "Parachuting Teddy Bear Jumps"

'Parachuting Teddy Bear Jumps' poster

For the sum of five pounds, you could have your teddy bear jump from the top of the Church tower.

"Bring your teddy bear along and watch how brave they are when jumping from the roof of St James's Church wearing a harness and parachute."

I was particularly impressed with the fact that:

"All teddies will have a medical check-up before the dare devil jump"

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How cute! I'm sorry I missed that, I'd be tempted to trek up that way just to watch.

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