This Dopplr duck wants to travel by sea!

 by Martin Belam, 14 July 2008

According to Dopplr, I have the velocity of a duck.

I travel like a duck

I suspect that might go up a bit as I've got some more globe-trotting coming up in the next few weeks. What should I aim for? A goose? A peacock?

As well as the animal-velocity meter and public profiles, Dopplr recently introduced a feature to calculate (for fun) your carbon footprint based on the amount of traveling you register with the site. That also means you have to let them know how you are traveling. At the moment, entering that information has a pleasing and no doubt knowing planes, trains and automobiles symmetry about it. There are a couple of notable omissions from the options though - including by sea and by bike.

Planes, trains and automobiles on Dopplr

However, having seen the diesel smoke belching out of the ferry I caught from Athens to Crete the other week, I'm not entirely sure that I want to find out the carbon footprint of the voyage.

Pollution streaming out of an ANEK lines ferry funnel

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We're working on it! We're talking to AMEE about adding a lot more travel types based on the profiles for different vehicles they are adding. Of course, it will still be approximate as not all ships are created equal...

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