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 by Martin Belam, 24 April 2008


Re: Whitehaven repeat may be ruled out by Digital UK

On the Whitehaven toggling point - IIRC there were no digital terrestrial television signals in Whitehaven prior to the switchover process.

During the first phase, BBC Two analogue was switched off, and one of the BBC's multiplexes turned on. So BBC One and BBC Two were available on digital, but ITV/Channel 4 were still analogue, and not yet available on digital.

I think that's right anyway...

Oh, that's interesting Andrew, I didn't know that. I kind of assumed they just meant that people out of habit switched to the terrestrial versions of the channels if they still could. For years my parents have had cable, but until quite recently they still switched the TV to analogue-through-the-air if they were watching channels 1 through 5. I guess that region was picked then because the digital signal wasn't already present?

I think that's the case - it's a relatively self contained broadcast area, thus reducing the risk of problems and interference. The Whitehaven switchover was more about testing out the public reaction and less about technical issues.

The real tests will be this year when parts of the Border region switch over!

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