Who's deceiving who? The Daily Mail on Jools Holland's Hootenanny

 by Martin Belam, 6 January 2008
"The Hootenanny is an idealised New Year's Eve party with a line-up that would surely be impossible to deliver on 31 December. The stellar cast and audience are, therefore, assembled to record the show in mid-December. The show is recorded 'as live', with a midnight countdown led by Jools."

And with those words in early December, the BBC's Press Office launched the Corporation's cunning plan to deceive viewers about whether Jools Holland's annual knees-up was a live show...

...well, at least according to the Daily Mail, where Clemmie Moodie has been reporting "Jools' fools: Viewers' fury at 'live' New Year's Eve show made on December 20"

"Complaints have poured into the BBC over Jools Holland's New Year countdown television show - because the apparently 'live' programme was recorded 11 days before December 31.

It meant the Hootenanny was riddled with anomalies that left many people baffled and angry.

And it came at the end of year in which the BBC was embroiled in controversy over faked programmes misleading the public."

The Mail even put together a special graphic to illustrate the 'Hootenanny howlers'.

Hootenanny howlers

The BBC clearly made a botch of the conspiracy though - because articles about the recording and contents of the show featured quite widely in the press on December 22nd. Here are The Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Express all reporting on and reviewing the programme, mostly concentrating on the duet between Sir Paul McCartney and Kylie Minogue.

Undeterred by the fact that all the pre-publicity for the show seems to stress the pre-recorded nature of the programme, the Daily Mail's article went to its favourite source of BBC complaints - the BBC's official Points Of View message board.

Here's one of the two quotes they lifted, illustrating the 'fury' of this message board poster:

Are you telling me this show is not live? Really? I'm gobsmacked. I wondered why Jools made so many mistakes referring to 'next year' etc. What a sham.
Daily Mail quote

And here is the full quote in situ on the message board itself - I've emphasised the bits that Clemmie Moodie left out:

I've just read this whole thread in disbelief.
Are you telling me this show is not LIVE? Really? I'm gobsmacked.
I wondered why Jools made so many mistakes referring to "next year" etc.
What a sham. What a complete sham.
Thank God the man in the big red coat is real eh?...!
Full quote on Points of View

The message board doesn't come with 'sarcasm' smileys, but the first and last sentences of DavidPrice's post and the Santa Claus is real sentiment substantially change the overall meaning.

Which kind of begs the question, who is doing the deceiving and the manipulating of their audience here?


Looks like Ms Moodie's been rewarded for her journalistic integrity with a flashy new job at the Mirror


Oh who cares everybodys half pissed anyway.............Have a great 2010 and try not to be too serious and full of too much humbug

I really am surprised at the fuss and comments about Jools fools etc which I read on the web. Not sure if this was a published article in the Daily Mail as well but I hope not. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety, quality and sheer fun of last night's New Year's Eve Jools Holland celebration.
I really don't care if it was recorded in the summer and I am sure most viewers don't care either. Jools said his mother was in the audience. If every artist had relatives there on an authentic eve night there would be no room for visiting public/celebs let alone their relatives. Airport problems, icy roads and rail problems due to seasonal weather all make the whole thing impractical and impossible. What good sense the programme and cast have in my opinion. We have been saved from endless 'White Heather Club' programmes which for aeons was the older alternative similar to re-runs of re-runs of the Morecambe and Wise show and other once popular programmes. Thank --- for that. In this economic crisis its guaranteed fun in the relative comfort of ones own home so please don't knock it. D. A. Wood (Jools fool and loving it)

How fabulous that Jools Holland has pulled this off so well. I couldn't care a jot when he recorded this programe as long as it does what its meant to do. I my home on New Years eve Jools Holland turns my house into a party house with all of those wonderful artists. Me and the dog loved it!

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