There's only been one unforgettable dinner in Portugal this year

 by Martin Belam, 16 October 2007

I spotted this advert for tourism in Portugal at Queensway station on my way to work yesterday.

Advert for Portugal at Queensway

Is it just me?

Or do you think that, given that the biggest media story in the UK this year has been about a dinner in Portugal that turned out to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons, promoting the country with the strapline "To be an unforgettable dinner" is a little ill thought out?

Advert for Portugal at Queensway station


It wouldn't have occurred to me I don't think. I didn't even get what you were referring to initially with the "one unforgettable dinner in Portugal". That's probably a bit dense of me, but somehow I don't associated dinner in Portugal with the events of the summer. That said, your take on it is sharp and like one of those visual puzzles. Now you're pointed it out I can't really go back to seeing it the way I originally did.

Glad it is not just me (maybe that's a sign of our training). I was surprised that if your job was to promote Portuguese holidays to the British public you'd be doing your best to disassociate Portugal from the tabloids favourite story. But then maybe they don't expect a totally irrational assessment of risk from the holiday-going public.


saw that as well - mentally chastised myself but happy to see that it is not just me...!

Nice blog - always interesting.


I'm not sure about the way you've cropped that second image.

The first thing I thought was the "unforgettable dinner" referred to a sunken boat whose occupants had been eaten by a shark.

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