Graffiti on Novy Most -> Wormfood

 by Martin Belam, 11 July 2005

The ability of Flickr to keep people in touch with events around the world really came into its own last week during the terrorist attacks on London - several news outlets linked to, or borrowed pictures from, the London Bomb Blasts Pool.

It isn't just big events though, it is also the small details. I noticed last night, via Meneldur leaving a comment on one of my photos, that Nový Most in Bratisalava has been repainted a dull uniform steel grey. I was there earlier this year, and intend to visit again next year. By that time I presume that the bridge will have an entirely new set of graffiti, hopefully as impressive as the examples that I photographed back in January this year.

The Novy Most bridge in Bratislava    Huba Rit

Devil in Glasses    Baseball Cap Kid    Broken Face

Nezbavili Sme Sa Rusa A By Nam Diktovali USA!

My Flickr Set - Graffiti in Bratislava

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I love that such ephemeral beauty is collected and kept. We've got some really talented artists here in Vancouver, too - my favourite is the Dark :

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