Every Tim Henman Silver Lining Has A Cloud (For Me Anyway)

 by Martin Belam, 21 June 2005

The last time I saw Tim Henman on the TV screens in the BBC this evening he was 2 sets to 1 down, and 5-5 in the fourth set. I felt pretty relieved. Imagine my shock and horror when checking the news on my phone on the way home to find that he had pulled an astonishing comeback out of the bag, and was in the second round.

I know a lot of people get very excited at the prospect that a Brit might win Wimbledon again, and although I'm not a tennis fan, as a sports fan I can understand the reaction.

But I have a different agenda.

Every round Tim progresses takes me closer to the dread moment when immediately following the semi-final, someone senior to me comes up and says: "I know we didn't plan this, and you don't have the staff available, but you know that thing we did with the Dalek the other week...can we make the homepage green and have a big picture of Tim on it for the final this weekend?"


I quite understand. I still haven't forgiven Tim Henman for Easter Sunday in (I think) 1998. Or was it 1999? Anyway, I was working in Presentation, he was in some tennis tournament and doing well. I'd already been in early that day for the live transmission of the Pope's Easter Sunday mass. 13 hours later I was allowed to go home when the overrunning tennis match finally ended. Six (or seven) years may have passed, but I know how to hold a grudge.

what a brilliant idea ;)
Henman Hill but on the interweb.

See you next Friday.

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