Message Board Area At Last

 by Martin Belam, 2 June 2005

Over the last couple of weeks a couple of new topic area's have been added to the BBC's Points Of View message board.

First to arrive was Points Askew, the pun-tastic off-topic area which allows the community to talk about things outside the BBC-sphere without antagonising some of the regulars who had formed an impromptu on-topic police force.

This week a special Doctor Who area, and a place to discuss were added.

The Doctor Who space is a temporary measure whilst the show continues to air - the board has been dominated by discussion of the series, and of course the BBC closed the dedicated Doctor Who message boards last year. Some of the regulars were getting aggravated at the number of Whovians (and anti-Whovians) on the main Television board.

The space should, if it gets enough use, turn out to be a permanent feature. I'm really pleased to see it, as I always thought that the website threads sat uneasily under the generic 'digital' topic which also includes Freeview, DAB and the BBCi text and interactive programming services. You're bound to see me on there when I think I can help.

The BBC's Points of View Message Board homepage

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