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 by Martin Belam, 20 December 2004

The BBC today announced further closures on, as a mixture of a response to the DCMS review and a response to the requirement to cut costs. US Sports and Legacies are to go, whilst Films and Cult are to be re-prioritised. The closure of "Get Writing" wasn't specifically mentioned in the press release today, although it has been trailed for some time to the community that use the service.

One paragraph of today's press release naturally caught my eye:

BBC New Media management has also outlined areas of where they can achieve operational efficiencies, while maintaining reach and impact, by using the latest production methods and improved technology. These sites comprise:,, and, and; areas of Radio & Music, the entertainment and features sections of the BBC News website, Children's, and Central New Media services such as webchat, voting, email and the homepage.

My heart swelled - finally "webchat, voting, email and the homepage", the somewhat random portfolio of services I manage has made it into an official BBC Press Release as a coherent whole ;-)

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So, no reasons given as to why 'Get Writing' is to be closed then?

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