Not The Big Read, but two smaller reads

 by Martin Belam, 15 September 2004

I don't know, you wait years for a national interactive literary vote like The Big Read, and then two come along at once - both of which my team have worked on.

Nominations are currently open for the Women's Watershed Fiction vote:

Woman's Hour invites you to nominate the novel which has spoken to you on a personal level. It may have changed the way you look at yourself or simply made you happy to be a woman. As a man, it may have affected your understanding of the women in your life. Your selection can be written by a man or a woman, in this country or abroad, as long as it touched your life in some way.

After we've got the nomination in there will be a chance to vote for Top 10 out of a longlist of thirty, with the winning books announced on the 8th December.

In the meantime BBC Three are holding a public vote to go alongside their End Of Story programme - you can read the way that the shortlisted entries from the public finished off stories started by a selection of published authors, and vote for your favourite prior to hearing the judges verdict on the show on Sunday 19th

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